This is a complete verbal recording of the history of the Zero Ted Band as remebered by Steve McLoone, Mac McCormick, and Dwight Jorgenson. 1hr-9 mins. Recorded October 12, 2000.


Studio Bits and Pieces (Streaming-MP3, 5.48MB)
This is from a tape that Jeff Severson sent to me the week of 10/4/04.. What you will listen to is essentially the entire tape. It seems to be just bits and pieces of two of the songs that we recorded in Otho, IA around 1973. The songs are not recorded in their entirety on this tape and also seem to just be rough mixes. I have no idea why anyone would make a tape of only parts of 2 of the 4 original songs we recorded at those sessions, but thus is the case. The first tune was written by Doug Habbena and was titled "Peanut Butter and Rice" after what we mostly lived on during that period of time. The 2nd tune was written by Mac McCormick and even though that's me, I can't for the life of me remember what the name of that tune is.

This session was played by Jeff Severson, Doug Habbena, Mac McCormick, Jim Kozan, Keith Dieke, and Steve McLoone.